Golden rutile bracelet

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Certified Golden Rutilated Stretchable Bracelet. Best AAA Quality Gemstone Beads. Already Activated, Energized & Ready to wear for Best Results. Read more

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Gold Rutilated Quartz is a beautiful energy-filled stone with an array of patterns. Each pattern is different and incredibly powerful. Rutile has one of the highest physical properties as it serves as a refractive index that allows more light to disperse than any other mineral. The brightest energy that will light up your soul. The sacred stone is unlike other stones as it is made up of a material titanium oxide that alone serves as an energetic magnifier that gives out healing energy.

One of the many values of Rutile Quartz is the inclusions within the stone as it is transparent with various different versions of inclusions. The unique inclusions set a high energetic field. One of the few stones that can cleanse and unblock all of the chakras. Since it influences all the chakras it will help you stay aligned.

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