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Agate stones are one of the most widely used gemstones in jewelleries and men’s accessories. In this post we will answer questions like why people prefer to wear Hakik stone (How to Wear Yemeni Hakik Gemstone) rings, what are Hakik rings, where to buy sterling silver Hakik rings (How to Wear Yemeni Hakik Gemstone) , why to wear sterling silver Hakik rings. Read more

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HOW TO WEAR YEMENI HAKIK GEMSTONE/येमिनी यकीक:   Yemeni Hakik or Yemeni Guards a person against danger. Wearers become temperate, continent and cautious.

It helps one view themselves with more clarity and sees the world through a broader viewpoint. Wearing  Agate is believed to cure insomnia and to insure pleasant dreams. Those who wear Aqeeq get long life, family happiness, and prosperity. Their careers improve, and if they are farmers, they are benefited.

Aqeeq Yemeni  has got very powerful hidden qualities that can only be experienced once you wear it. It absorbs the rays of the sun and passes these onto the body and is good for health.

Agates are also used to improve one’s health and financial stability. Aqeeq , it is said, is good to use for countering curses and protecting against jealous rivalries. Overall, many hold Aqeeq  dear as a stone with the ability to protect the individual, bolster confidence and generally enhance and expand the experiences of life.

The benefit of Aqeeq (How to Wear Yemeni Hakik Gemstone) is that it creates joy in the heart, is good for eyesight and it helps illuminate sadness and anger. It is also revered in other religious and has been in use from the time of Hazrat Adam.

Among the New Age community, believers revere Carnelian’s mental grounding power and believe this is the source of its greatest mental effects (How to Wear Yemeni Hakik Gemstone). They say it teaches one to focus on the present for the moments in life when all one’s mental powers are necessary for success at a single, important task and is a source of confidence, eloquence and inspiration.

For instances when you need a boost to creativity for problem-solving, Carnelian can assist in getting the mind out of mental ruts and back on track for success. In the long-term, it bolsters ambition and drive and reminds the wearer of the future’s goals, hence becoming a powerful tool in major decision-making. Overall, many hold Carnelian dear as a stone with the ability to protect the individual, bolster confidence and generally enhance and expand the experiences of life.

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